Chain bike lock – heavy duty anti-theft and anti-pick chain lock for bikes, scooters & motorcycles

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Product Description

Protect your bike, scooter or motorbike with this heavy duty Far-Know chain bike lock. The high-density steel chain is encased in durable PVC and a cloth sleeve, preventing the lock from being sawed or drilled, and making it weatherproof.

The strong joint locking mechanism prevents the lock from being picked, keeping your bike safe and secure. Comes with two high security keys, so you always have a spare. 70cm in length and 25mm in width, the cable is flexible enough to securely attach your bike or scooter to any stand, tree or railing.

The cloth sleeve is also reflective, meaning you can easily spot it in the dark. And the anti-theft chain lock has many uses – keep a wide range of items safe and secure including cycles, motorbikes, mopeds, scooters, doors, grills, gates and many more.

Be safe and secure with Far-Know’s anti-theft chain bike lock!

Product details:
• High density steel chain lock
• 70cm in length, 25mm in width
• Anti-cut materials and anti-pick locking mechanism
• 2 high security keys provided
• Weatherproof and reflective cloth sleeve outer
• Multi-purpose and suitable for securing a range of items.

Package contains:
• 1 x Bike Lock with 2 keys


  • HEAVY DUTY SECURITY: Protect your bike, scooter or motorbike from theft with this heavy duty steel chain lock.
  • ANTI-CUT & DURABLE: Flexible, high density steel chain, encased in tough PVC and cloth sleeve prevents the chain from being sawed or drilled and protects your bike’s paintwork.
  • ANTI-PICK JOINT LOCK: Secure joint locking mechanism and high security keys prevents the lock from being picked. Comes with two keys.
  • MULTIPLE USES: Perfect for locking bicycles, scooters, motorbikes, sliding doors, gates and other items that need to be secured.
  • CABLE LENGTH: 70cm cable length and flexibility makes it easy to secure your bicycle or motorbike to any stand, railing or tree.
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