ABUS IVY 9100/110 Chain Lock – 170 cm, Black


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Product Description

For complete peace of mind when it comes to securing your motorcycle or scooter you cannot go wrong with the Abus Steel-O-Chain Ivy 9100 Chain and Lock 170cm/10mm.
Abus use their own ‘Level-System’ to test all their security locks, to serve as a guide to help you choose the right lock, their evaluation is based on three key areas. Firstly, and most important, the security of the lock and its resistance to attacks; features such as shackle diameter and materials, locking and cylinder technology. Second is the ease of use of each and every lock, such as universal carriers, automatic locking systems and user friendly shapes. Finally they look at the design, ensuring that every Abus product has that final finishing detail which meets the special high standard of their locks. This steel cable earns Abus’ Maximum Security Level thanks to the 10mm strong square chain, a highly flexible mesh sleeve to protect paintwork and an ergonomically designed lock body. You can’t go wrong with an Abus.
Specifications include
Abus 170cm Chain and Lock
Abus ‘Maximum Level’ 10
Sold Secure Tested
Recommended for securing light motorcycles and scooters
10mm square chain
Highly flexible mesh sleeve prevents any damage to your motorcycle’s paintwork
The chain, the lock and the supporting elements of the locking mechanism are made from a special hardened steel
Ergonomic lock body with Soft Case Technology ensures maximum impact resistance
Premium cylinder offers high protection against attacks such as picklocks
Ice spray tested
Two keys supplied
Chain 10mm/170cm
Weight: 4,850g


  • 170cm x 10mm Chain
  • Mesh Sleeve
  • Hardened Steel
  • Weight: 4,850g
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